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Serving Exceptional Minds

Serving Exceptional Minds (SEM) is a non-profit organization providing support to young adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

SEM's mission is to increase inclusion, independence, empowerment, to bring awareness to young adults with IDD and to provide support, both to those who are transitioning or who have transitioned from high school, through integrated employment and social interaction by way of community experience.


SEM recognizes that many young adults with IDD aspire to become integrated into their communities. Many have goals of earning and spending their own money, living independently, giving back to their communities, and participating in leisure and recreational activities; however, but need the support of others to do so. 


Thus, SEM's objective is to function as a voice for young adults with IDD by seeking opportunities for their transition and integration into their communities through volunteer service, helping them to acquire safe housing, helping them to acquire and maintain employment, helping them to experience the community through recreational activities, and traveling to places of interest. By helping young adults with IDD achieve these goals, SEM hopes to empower them and help them develop into independent and productive citizens. 

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